The Aximum Difference

We offer a combination of solutions for your product- and strategy-related needs that are unique among consultancies.

  • Diversity of experiences – we have seen it all. We’ve worked with and for large corporations, small companies, startups and international organizations. We’ve worked in high tech, financial services, health care, education and consumer packaged goods, to name a few. Our collective knowledge enables us to speak your language, understand your needs and provide answers that solve your problems.
  • Bringing you our “A Game” every time – many large consultancies will only bring their most experienced consultants to the introductory meeting in order to close the deal. The bulk of the work is typically done by junior level consultants with limited experience. As a result, their work tends to be shallow and incomplete. Aximum takes a different approach, bringing our best and brightest to every client.
  • Never spreading ourselves thin – we limit our number of clients so we can provide a full experience to everyone we serve. This allows us to offer a complete set of solutions which meet your needs. We never spread ourselves thin for the sake of taking on more clients because you deserve better.